​Sign Our Charter for
Diversity, Inclusion, Participation, Equality and Representation "DIPER"
of Blacks Asians and Minority Ethnics in Aquatics.

The Black Swimming Association is very proud to announce our aquatic "DIPER" Charter. We believe this charter is a necessary step in the process of diversifying aquatics. Recent figures released by Sport England show that 95% of black adults and 80% of black children in England do not swim. Additional research also suggests that the risk of drowning is higher among ethnic minority communities, and 1 in 4 children in the UK leave primary school still unable to swim. All of us here at the BSA think that now is the time to act. We are committed and determined to address the barriers precluding the BAME community from aquatic environments, as well as educating BAME communities on water safety, life-saving and drowning prevention measures.


It's time to change the narrative! Positive action that can lead to change is within our grasp. By signing our "DIPER" charter you are part of this positive change. Your support will aid us in not just highlighting, but also understanding and resolving these unique issues BAME communities face within the world of aquatics.


This charter has seven key principles:


1) I/We make a commitment to understand, address and find enabling ways to resolve the unique issues that preclude BAME communities from totally engaging in aquatics.


2) I/We make a commitment to ensure that our aquatic programmes are designed and delivered in a manner that fosters equal opportunity, diversity, inclusion and participation for BAMEs in aquatics.


3) I/We make a commitment to work together as one aquatic community to raise DIPER Aquatic Champions to drive forward the this charter within their local communities. 


4) I/We make a commitment to showcase and make BAME aquatic products accessible throughout Swim culture.


5) We stand together with the BSA to build a SwimBuddy System in which we partner non swimmers and swimmers for the purpose of exchanging aquatic information, support, education and resources to enable more BAMEs to get in the water.

6) We make a commitment to work with the BSA to raise awareness of the DIPER charter by capturing data on BAME participation  and representation in aquatics from grass roots to elite level; as well as capturing specific data on drowning rates within the BAME community (where relevant). These data sets will act as a benchmark to track and measure progress on the DIPER agenda.


7) We make a commitment to stand side-by-side with the Black Swimming Association to help make Swimming, Swimming Teaching, Life Guarding and Other Aquatic Opportunities more Inclusive for Black & Minority Ethnics from grassroots to boardroom. 

Sign Our "DIPER" Charter

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