On SwimSwam Podcast. Host Coleman Hodges welcomes guests Ed Accura and Danielle Obe of the Black Swimming Association to discuss how swimming can truly move toward being more inclusive.

***We did experience minor technical difficulties during this recording, and you will see Coleman/Braden’s frames come in/out of the screen. However, don’t let distract you from the important messages that Ed and Danielle deliver throughout the podcast.***

1:11: Ed kicked things off with his journey of making the film “A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim”, which has its worldwide release on Amazon June 26. The movie was one of the projects that spearheaded the founding of the BSA, and what inspired Danielle to seek out Ed and work with him.

18:20: Danielle is no stranger to trying to make the aquatic community more inclusive of Black and Minority Ethnicities (BME). She started her own company, My Nemes, with a mission “To provide a SIMPLE HAIR SOLUTION, one that gives the BME community the confidence to START ENGAGING in recreational aquatic activities”.

26:41: Both Ed and Danielle give insight as to how the aquatic community can make changes so that the BME community feels included and encouraged to participate, and how the current Black Lives Matter movement in the USA and worldwide has affected their cause.


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